Vegan Christmas loaf

This is my first years without the Danish traditional Christmas meal with goose.

I’m making a sort of loaf-bread.


1-2 pers.
225 g celery
175g mushrooms
50g onion
1,5dl hazelnuts
1 tbsp salt
Fresh pepper
1 apple (peeled)
50g prunes
1 1/2 garlic
1/2 tbsp paprika

Boil the celery until they’re tender. Have a blender ready and blend the celery fine and smooth, ad pour it into a bowl.
Blend the hazelnuts, onion, garlic and mushrooms to a fine mass too, and add to the bowl.

Spice it with pepper, salt and some paprika.

Have a pan (10×10 cm) ready and add half of the mass into it. Smooth it out.

The peeled apple slices into thin slices (ca. 3-4mm) an cover the loaf with them. Add the prunes on top of the apples.


Take the rest of the loaf and smooth it out on top of the “filling”. – it might be easiest to use your hand when you spread and smooths it out.


Now it just has to go into the oven tonight at 200•C for 45 minutes and my Christmas dinner is served.

Merry Christmas!


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