Banana bread

My sister gave me this recipe on banana bread/cake which I think is the ultimate snack if you don’t want to make the big effort to make something advanced, but still something delicious.



2 bananas
1 dl brown rice flour
2 eggs
100g dark chocolate (min. 70%)
100-150g nuts of you choice (I used hazelnuts)
1 tbsp honey
3/4 tbsp baking powder
Nip salt

Start with pre warm the oven on 200•C.

Blend banana, egg, honey, baking powder, flour and salt together to a fluid mix.
Then add the nuts and chocolate, and stir it around. Greece a backing pan with coconut oil and fill in the dough.


Put in the pre warmed oven, and bake for 25min. – in general always keep an eye on what you’re cooking because you’ll the best to know how your e.g. cake are doing.


The cake’s consistent are to be a bit mushy. When you’ve taken it out of the oven let it cool of for 10 min.

Happy eating!


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