Salad, spring rolls and edamame beans

My dinner tonight was just what I needed: a delicious salad combined with something warm.


The meals contains three elements; edamame beans, salad and spring rolls.

(2-3 pers)

Spring rolls
1 onion
3 fat garlics
5 dl Savoy cabbage
3 large brown mushrooms
Salt and pepper
Rice paper
Olive oil

1 carrot
1 1/2 handful fresh spinach
Small tomatoes
1/2 peeled squash

And edamame beans


Start making the filling for the spring rolls. Chop the garlic and mushrooms in rough pieces and the onion in slices. Heat a bit olive oil on a pan and add the chopped vegetables. While it’s cooking begin prepping for the salad. – remember to stir in the pan once in a while.

Slice the squash so they’re about 3mm thick. put them on a backing pan and sprinkle some salt and pepper. Cook in the oven in about 10-15 minutes on 200•C.
Wash the spinach and put it in a large bowl. Cut the tomatoes in half and add to the spinach. Slice the carrot on a mandolin iron and add to the bowl. Sprinkle some linseed and balsamic on top of the salad and stir it around.

Back to the spring rolls. Taste with salt and pepper, and when the mix is good and tasty roughly chop the savoy. Make your rice paper wet so it softens and add the cabbage and then your mix.


Warm some water and cook the edamame beans while cooking your rolls.

Roll the paper and heat some olive oil on a pan and put them on. Don’t try moving them all the time to see if they’re don’t, after 2-3 minutes on each side on a hot hot pan they’re golden and done.

And voila a delicious tasty meal. Bon appetit.


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